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Entrevista a Benno Brinkhaus – ESIM

Benno Brinkhaus,
9 January 1964 · Berlín, Germany
Professor of Medicine. Director of the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Research Unit Deputy Director of the Institute

“I think and hope that medicine of the future will become more interdisciplinary, empathic, and individualized

What inspired you to pursue a career in integrative medicine?

My dissatisfaction with conventional medicine started at my university education, I found the medical education relatively conventional, one-sided, pharma-industry and acute medicine based and not very creative. After university, I fortunately had the opportunity to work in a working group thatcombined training in internal medicine with work in a working group for naturopathic medicine at the University Hospital Erlangen in Bavaria, southern Germany. My first visit to China connected me with Chinese medicine convinced me that we need to complement conventional medicine with naturopathy, traditional and complementary and integrative medicine (CIM) methods.

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